How to clear pimples fast and prevent further breakouts?

Have you had an 'EXPLOSIVE' kind of acne breakout?
Dare to indulge in a little bit of spicy deep fried favourites, and a stressful report is waiting for you the next day - 
get ready for a seismic explosion of pimples covering your face, soaked in a thick layer of oil! 
Some people even have them on the back of their body, and they don't seem to clear up before the next wave arrives. 
Well, it looks like acne will not leave just because you graduated high school!

Why They Won't Clear -
Stress leads to overproduction of serum;
PMS changing your hormones;
Heat accumulate in the body from eating fried food;
Body dampness from excessive cold drinks and air-conditioning;
And many, many more.

All these are possible causes for an acne breakout, and they all happen on the INSIDE!
"I have put Cream on my pimples", you said. 
Yes it helps, temporarily that is. 
If nothing is done on the inside, the chaotic conditions there will surely pop out more pimples in no time.

HERBAL TEAS, Your Secret Weapon.
So now you have probably figured out: 
the fastest, most effective way to combat acne is to do something for the INSIDE as well as the OUTSIDE of your body. 
For inner regulation, infuse your body with healthy Herbal Tea
Try drinking Herbal Tea for a few weeks on top of your normal cleansing and topical treatment regime. 
Well, It probably sounds like something your grandma told you, but you will see a SIGNIFICANCE DIFFERENCE!

Introducing - HEI YOU HERBAL TEA

We believe our HEI YOU HERBAL TEA is the best tea to drink for your situation. 
The main ingredients in HEI YOU HERBAL TEA are 'Black Face General' and 'Sabah Snake Grass' - two popular and sought after Malaysian Local herbs. 

With the abundance of sunlight and rain, coupled with the tropical fertile soil, herbs grown here are exceptionally rich in nutritional value and medicinal properties.
This herbal tea is excellent for health maintenance, regulating the menstrual cycle, purifying and of course, clearing acne.

A Simple Cleaning Method
Did you know you can spill bacteria onto your face? 
Yes, by squeezing your pimples! 
Never squeeze your pimples, you're only going to make the conditions worse. 
Do not squeeze your pimples

Let your skin do the healing from inside out.
Focus instead on cleaning with mild, non-irritating cleanser.
If you already have wounds on your face, try the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial WILLOW NEEM HERBAL SOAP. 
For normal or oily skin, WILLOW CANDLEBUSH HERBAL SOAP will be just right.

These herbal soaps are non-chemical, and are made of edible ingredients
Let them aid your skin in the healing process while you sip your herbal tea every day. 

The Best Combo
HERBAL TEA and HERBAL SOAP, the best combo to heal and prevent further breakouts. 

Good News:
• We find that SOAP POUCHES are amazingly useful! 
They make soap dryer, cleaner, more convenient to use and last longer. 
We love it so much we have decided to include one FREE with every purchase of herbal soap.
Hurry while stocks last!

• Our CERTIFIED ORGANIC HERBAL FARM is located in Kluang, Johor. No harmful chemicals are allowed!
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Visitors to the Farm

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Our sole purpose here is to assist you in transitioning into using non-chemical products.
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• We trust that our herbal products will greatly benefit your health. 
But if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the products, or found our products not suitable, need not hesitate, simply contact us and we will give you a REFUND.

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